Tarmac restoration

A1 Pressure Washing  combine Tarmac cleaning with Tarmac restoration. Our new Tarmac restorer replaces the lost resins and colour from any deteriorating Tarmac surface, providing a complete 'facelift' without the need for total replacement.

The Benefits of Tarmac Restoration service include:-

  • Avoids the need expensive tarmac resurfacing
  • Cracks & small holes can be repaired
  • Restores the original colour of the tarmac
  • Replaces lost resins dried out by the Sun 
  • Minimal upheaval & no mess 
  • Will stabilise loose tarmac chippings
  • Domestic or Commercial applications

As part of our tarmac restoration service we will professionally clean the surface, carry out crack repairs and replace damaged areas to driveways or car parks.

To look at the results of our Tarmac restoration service Click here to see the image gallery.

If you have a tarmac driveway or car park  that  needs a 'facelift', please call Darren on  07847 843116 or complete an online enquiry form.