Decking & Wood Cleaning

Wooden Decking, hardwood or softwood always requires some regular maintainance. Without this the  decking soon becomes dirty and leaving it vulnerable to green algae which can be very slippery, even when dry.

A1 Pressure Washing specialise in cleaning and the  re-treatment of decking, wooden furniture, summerhouses and fencing.

Our powerful  rotary headed jet washing machines, will quickly and easily clean decking without  the leaving behind the 'striping' effect that domestic pressure washers will often cause. 

Once the surface is clean and dry we can treat the wood with a range of high quality oils. Application of  these decking oils will help protect the wood long term and reduce  future maintainance 

To view our gallery of decking, furniture  and other wooden surfaces that have been professionally cleaned, please click here.

If you have a wooden deck, furniture or fencing that requires a 'makeover' please give Darren a call on  07847 843116        or enquire online