Block Paving Sealing

Block Paving laid for driveways, patios or commercial premises is always going to be susceptible to live growth on the surface and between the joints of the pavers.

This is due to the block paving being porous in nature and being installed onto a bed of sand. This enables moss, weeds, algae and lichen to soon become established on the surface and the joints of the block paving.

The application of Smartseal block paving sealer creates a non-porous resin barrier. This means the block paving becomes waterproof, resistant to growth and protected against colour loss from UV light.

Block Paving Sealer benefits Include

Inhibits surface & weed growth
Reduced maintenance
Oil resistant 
Help stabilise blocks 
Enhances natural colour 
Protects against colour loss  

See some pictures of block paving driveways after sealing by clicking here

Block paving sealer can be applied to new or existing block paving. To find out more about having your driveway or patio sealed by calling Darren on  07847 843116